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1986-2020 / 2018 – HPC4 – the speed of calculation..


2018 – HPC4 – the speed of calculation.

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18 January – With the launch of HPC4, Eni now owns the most powerful industrial supercomputing system in the world.

29 February – Eni and FAO set out initiatives to promote access to water in Nigeria.

9 March – Eni enters the merger project of MIT and CFS.

2 May - Eni sets a new record in oil and reservoir numerical modelling with its HPC4 supercomputer.

4 July - Eni starts gas production from the OCTP project, in Ghana's offshore.

6 August - Eni and Snam commit to sustainable mobility: a contract is signed for 20 new natural gas and biomethane filling stations in Italy.

24 September - Eni is recognised as Global Compact LEAD by the United Nations' corporate sustainability initiative..

27 September – Enjoy comes to Bologna!

27 December - Eni: Syndial starts up the pilot plant for the transformation of the Organic Fraction of Municipal Solid Waste (OFMSW) into bio-oil in Gela.


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