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1986-2020 / 2013 – Quick as a cricket.


2013 – Quick as a cricket.

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January – Versalis launches an initiative to produce natural rubber from guayule, a shrub native to Mexico and the United States.

March - Eni unveils the Dual Exploration Model, a new approach based on early cash flow generation.

March – Versalis and Pirelli sign an agreement for a joint research project on the use of natural rubber derived from guayule in tyre production.

7 June – The Eni-MIT Energy Society is founded at Boston Public Library.

29 October – The Green Data Center, a world leader in terms of energy efficiency, opens in Ferrera Erbognone in the province of Pavia. 

18 November – HPC, the exploration and production supercomputer at the Green Data Center, starts work.

18 December – Enjoy, Eni’s car-sharing scheme, is launched in Milan. 

19 December – Eni signs a partnership agreement with Transparency International to devise methods to tackle corruption.


Storia | Cane a sei zampe
Storia | Cane a sei zampe