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1986-2020 /2012 - Get going again with Eni!


2012 - Get going again with Eni!

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10 January – Eni completes the acquisition of 100% of the Belgian companies Nuon Belgium NV and Nuon Power Generation Wallon NV.

22 March - eni station is launched, a new concept service station with a complete offer of products, services and solutions to simplify life and meet the needs of different types of customer.

May – The new face of Eni chemicals is Versalis. The result of the rebranding of Polimeri Europa, this is a tangible sign of the relaunch strategy and a demonstration of the renewal of the historic significance of the chemical industry for Eni.

14 June – Eni launches an extraordinary initiative: from 16 June to 2 September, the weekend price of self-service petrol and diesel is exceptionally reduced for all customers.

July – Eni enters Kenya with the acquisition of three exploration blocks. 

1 August – Eni announces a new giant discovery of natural gas in the eastern part of Area 4, in offshore Mozambique.

August – Eni signs a Memorandum of Understanding (“Ripartire da Collemaggio”) with the city of l’Aquila, for the restoration of the Basilica and site of Collemaggio. The company is committed to providing the financial resources necessary and to make available to the city its technical, project management and general management skills. 

December – Amore e Psiche stanti, the sculpture by Antonio Canova, and Psyché et l’Amour, the painting by François Gérard, are brought together for the first time thanks to Eni, in partnership with the Musée du Louvre in Paris, for the traditional exhibition at Palazzo Marino in Milan.


Storia | Cane a sei zampe
Storia | Cane a sei zampe