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1986-2020 /2009 - The new look of the six-legged dog.


2009 - The new look of the six-legged dog.

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March – The rebranding of Eni begins, handled by the agency InArea: the aim is to create a single language for the entire company.

May – Eni completes the acquisition of Distrigas in Belgium.

June – The offer of Eni corporate bonds is launched, reserved for private Italian investors.

30 June - Snam Rete Gas Eni announces that it has concluded the operation for the sale of 100% of the share capital of Italgas and Stogit.

13 October – Eni wins a development licence for the giant Zubair reservoir, in Iraq. 

16 October – Eni makes a hydrocarbon discovery of global importance in the Venezuelan offshore, successfully drilling in the Perla reservoir, located in the Cardon IV block.

11 December – Eni and Gazprom celebrate the fortieth anniversary of cooperation between the two companies. 

21 December – Eni and the Italian research council (Consiglio Nazionale delle Ricerche, or CNR) sign a framework agreement in Rome for strategic cooperation in the field of scientific and technological research.


Storia | Cane a sei zampe
Storia | Cane a sei zampe