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1986-2020 /2004 – A blue current is passing through Europe.


2004 – A blue current is passing through Europe.

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25 February – A development plan for the Kashagan project, situated in the Kazako offshore area of the Caspian Sea, was approved.

March – Eni, in a consortium with other oil companies, acquired an exploration licence for the search and exploitation of natural gas in Saudi Arabia, in the Rub al Khali basin on the border with Qatar and the United Arab Emirates.

9 June – The first shipment of oil was transported along the Caspian Pipeline Consortium pipeline from Karachanagak to the Russian terminal at Novorossiysk, on the Black Sea.

June – The new environmental friendly, 98-octane BlueSuper petrol without sulphur went on sale.

1 July – Eni’s entire holding in Agip do Brasil Sa  was disposed of to the Brazilian company Petrobras.

August – Production started up of gas and liquids from the onshore Wafa deposits in Libya, as part of the Western Libyan Gas Project, and work continued on developing the offshore Bahr Essalam deposits. Peak production from the two deposits was expected to amount to 10 billion cubic metres per year of natural gas, with 8 billion cubic metres (50% owned by Eni) earmarked for transportation to European markets through the underwater Greenstream gas pipeline.

1 October – The underwater Greenstream gas pipeline, in the Mediterranean Sea, came into service, connecting Mellitah, in Libya, to Gela, in Sicily.

13 December – Italgas signed a sales contract for the majority shareholding in Società Azionaria per la Condotta di Acque Potabili.

Storia | Cane a sei zampe
Storia | Cane a sei zampe