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1986-2020 /2002 – BluDiesel, the earth-loving diesel.


2002 – BluDiesel, the earth-loving diesel.

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1 February – The Gas & Power (G&P) Division began operating, with responsibility for running all gas and electricity operations in Italy and abroad.

February – Significant quantities of oil were discovered in the Bolia IX well in Nigeria.

6 March – An agreement was concluded with TotalFinaElf for the disposal of the stake in the Tempa Rossa deposits, in Basilicata, in the Gorgoglione permit.

July – The agreement with Edison Gas to supply 4 billion cubic metes/year of gas from Libya came into effect.

August - Eni signed a five-year agreement in Pakistan to begin exploration operations in the Khirtart Foldbelt area.

November – In Italy the new low environmental impact diesel, BluDiesel, was launched, designed to be cleaner and provide more protection for the fuel injection system of cars.

In the Congo, the inauguration took place of the Djeno thermoelectric power station, constructed by Eni and Chevron Texaco and was fuelled by associated gas from the Foukanda, Kitina and Djambala offshore deposits (operated by Eni).

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Storia | Cane a sei zampe