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1986-2020 /1995 – The stock exchange listing!


1995 – The stock exchange listing!

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20 January – A new daily production record for Italian crude oil was established with over 105,000 barrels.

January – The financial brokerage firm Sofid Sim began operating, authorised by Consob and enrolled on the Bank of Italy’s special list.

February – An agreement was signed with the Croatian state-owned company Ina to develop and assess the natural gas deposits in the Croatian waters of the Adriatic Sea through the jointly-owned InAgip.

31 March – A joint venture was set involving Enichem and the Union Carbide Co. under the name Polimeri Europa srl, to operate in the ethylene and polyethylene sector.

May – Savio Macchine Ttessili was disposed of.

1 July – Italgas adopted the Gas Services Card, containing quality parameters for supplying gas.

28 November – Eni shares were quoted on the Italian and New York stock exchanges and on the SEAQ International exchange in London.

A Production Sharing Principles Agreement was signed concerning the production and exploitation of the Karachaganak deposit in Kazakistan and the assessment of export options.

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Storia | Cane a sei zampe