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1986-2020 /1994 – Betting of the scarabeo.


1994 – Betting of the scarabeo.

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January - Agip signed three new agreements with the Egyptian government for exploration operations in the Nile Delta and on the border with Libya.

January - Eni (Snam) signed an agreement with Confindustria and Confapi concerning industrial tariff regulations.

28 February – The Trecate 24 well, near Novara, entered an uncontrolled-flow phase.

February – A ten-year agreement was signed between Snam and Federelettrica to supply natural gas to municipal electricity authorities.

February - Agip, as part of an international consortium, signed an agreement with the China National Petroleum Co. to carry out hydrocarbon exploration and production operations in the Tarim basin, in the region of east Turkestan.

10 March - Jacorossi Spa was put into liquidation and the petroleum production sector was leased to Agip Petroli.

April – The contract for supplying natural gas to the Enel thermoelectric power station was renewed for a further ten years.

May - Agip and the Russian company Lukoil signed an agreement to develop an oil field in western Siberia and to set up LukAgip as a joint venture.

Saipem purchased the semi-submergible Scarabeo 6 ship, for offshore drilling operations.

Storia | Cane a sei zampe
Storia | Cane a sei zampe