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1986-2020 /1991 – San Donato, Eni’s patron saint.


1991 – San Donato, Eni’s patron saint.

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18 January – Enimont changed its name to Enichem Spa.

28 March – Agip signed an agreement to carry out oil exploration and production operations in Ecuador.

10 April – The Moby Prince ferry, on its way to Olbia, collided with the Agip Abruzzo oil tanker, resulting in the death of 140 people.

November – The Eni project for the south was launched, with the aim of promoting the economic, social and entrepreneurial development of the Italian southern regions.

December – Eni inaugurated its new headquarters in San Donato Milanese.

Agip Carbone was merged into Enirisorse.

The Enrico Mattei School introduced a MEDEA Master’s in Management and Energy and Environmental Economy.

Storia | Cane a sei zampe
Storia | Cane a sei zampe