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1986-2020 /1990 – Two nights in Budapest.


1990 – Two nights in Budapest.

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Agip Hungaria was set up to construct and run a motel and a number of petrol stations in the commercial area of Budapest.

Snam and the Soviet company, Gasprom, signed an agreement aimed at improving the productivity and  efficiency of the natural gas transportation system in the USSR.

The Fondazione Eni “Enrico Mattei” commenced research operations in the energy, environment, economic development, health and territory sectors. 

Snam signed an important agreement with a Yugoslavian company Petrol, for exporting Algerian gas through the trans-Mediterranean gas pipeline.

Italgas, Saipem, Snam and SnamProgetti set up the EniAcqua consortium, for resolving problems connected to the supply of water.

September - Oil transportation operations restarted, on behalf of Tamoil,  to the Aigle refinery in Switzerland, which resumed operations after they were interrupted in December 1988.

28 November – Following an agreement with Montedison, Eni acquired control of Enimont and its subsidiaries Enichem Augusta and Montefibre, with the aim of re-launching the chemical division in synergy with the Group’s petroleum operations.

Storia | Cane a sei zampe
Storia | Cane a sei zampe