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1986-2020 /1989 – Petrol climbs the pyramids.


1989 – Petrol climbs the pyramids.

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February – An agreement was signed for cooperation in the systems planning sector between the state-run research and planning institute of the Ministry of Health in the URSS and Inso, a company specialising in the health sector and controlled by Nuovo Pignone.

9 May – Enimont Spa was set up to run the Italian chemical sector.

May – Agip signed an agreement with Shell, Elf and NNPC (the Nigerian state oil company) to set up Nigeria Lng Ltd. and for the liquefaction of natural gas in Bonny.

June – Savio, a group company operating in the mechanical-textile sector, signed an agreement with the USSR to supply wool and cotton spinning equipment and looms produced by Nuovo Pignone.

30 June – Eni and Montedison disposed of numerous shares in their chemical companies to Enimont. 

December – Snam Progetti was awarded a contract for the construction of fertiliser plant in Pakistan.

Ieoc, an affiliate of Agip, signed two agreements with the Egyptian Ministry of Oil for the development of an important natural gas deposit in the El Qaria area in the Nile Delta and for the exploration of the Ras Qattara area in the desert north of Cairo.

Storia | Cane a sei zampe
Storia | Cane a sei zampe