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1986-2020 /1987 – District heating at Metanopoli.


1987 – District heating at Metanopoli.

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May – Agip Uranio signed a contract with a French company, Cogema, for handling nuclear material.

May – Savio S.p.A. was set up to coordinate operations in the mechanical-textile sector.

November – Eni disposed of the textile complex at Nocera to a private group.

Enichem Synthesis signed a commercial agreement in the fluorine derivative sector with a Japanese company, Mitsubishi.

Eni began promoting research in the photovoltaic conversion for the production of mono and polycrystalline silicon batteries sector.

An experimental district heating plant entered service at Metanopoli.

Ambiente Spa was set up in Rome, to operate in the treatment, recycling and disposal of toxic industrial waste sector.

The affiliated company NAOC (Nigerian Agip Oil Company) inaugurated the Green River Project in the Niger Delta. The project is a long-term programme consisting of integrated agricultural development using local personnel trained by Eni..

Terfin Spa was set up to run various operations, including computer services, tourism, reconversions and publishing activities.

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Storia | Cane a sei zampe