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1953-1985 /1985 - 18.349 km of evolution.


1985 - 18.349 km of evolution.

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February – Eni International Bank ltd is set up to replace the Tradinvest Bank and Trust Co. in Nassau, operating in the financial sector.

27 June – With the approval of Law 351/1985 concerning the reactivation of the Sulcis basin, work began in the southern part of the area on assessing the mineral situation in the permit.

26 October – CIP authorised an increase of  34 lire/cubic metre in the price of natural gas for non-industrial use, which represented a lower figure than the one referred to in the agreement in force at the time with the distribution companies.

Agip commenced numerous engineering projects in Egypt, the Ivory Coast, the North Sea, Libya and Nigeria.

NAOC (Nigerian Agip Oil Company Ltd.) inaugurated a gas re-injection plant at Obiafu/Obrikom in Nigeria.

By the end of the year, Snam’s natural gas pipeline network in Italy stretched over a distance of 18,349 kilometres.

The contracts regarding gas from the USSR and Holland were re-negotiated in the light of international energy market conditions.

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Storia | Cane a sei zampe