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start the journey /1983 - A gas pipeline in the desert.

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1983 - A gas pipeline in the desert.

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April – Snam signed an agreement with the distribution company association for supplying gas for non-industrial purposes.

June – The price of gas sold to non-industrial suppliers increased to 40 lire/cubic metre as a result of the application of a new tariff introduced by the CIP.

August – Imports of natural gas from Algeria began., with the average daily volume at the end of the year amounting to 18 million cubic metes.

November – Samim’s plant and the companies belonging to the privately-owned Tonolli group are disposed of to Sameton, a company operating in the secondary metallurgical sector.

5 December - Agip Nucleare is merged into Agip Spa.

Agip began oil exploration in Guinea, China and Australia.

The 2,200-kilometre Transmed gas pipeline entered service, transporting Algerian natural gas to Italy across Tunisia and the Sicily Channel.

Storia | Cane a sei zampe
Storia | Cane a sei zampe