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1953-1985 /1981 - Italian engineering at the service of Europe.


1981 - Italian engineering at the service of Europe.

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22 January – Work was completed by Saipem’s Castor Sei pipe-laying ship on laying three underwater, 20-inch pipelines crossing the Mediterranean at the Sicily Channel, on behalf of TMPC (Transmediterranean Pipeline Company Ltd.).

1 May – Rio Colorado International, a company operating in the drilling sector in various countries on the American continent, was set up.

27 July – Eni signed an agreement with the Occidental Petroleum Corporation to carry out oil exploration operations and to set up Enoxy Coal Inc., for the production and marketing of coal. The agreement also stated that Enoxy Chimica would be responsible for the plastics and basic chemical sectors.

July – Agip Nucleare, which held the majority shareholding, and Cnen set up Nucleco, a company operating in the nuclear eco-engineering sector and specialising in conditioning and disposing radioactive waste.

11 December – Work began on transferring the plant and business activities belonging to the Sir group (Italian resin company) to companies in the Eni group operating in the basic and intermediate and derived chemical sectors.

Eni set up Agip Carbone, a company dealing with all types of operations connected to the integrated cycle of fuel.

With the purchase of the Piombo Zincefera Sarda company by Samim (metallurgical-mining company), Eni unified all its lead and zinc activities.

Storia | Cane a sei zampe
Storia | Cane a sei zampe