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start the journey /1978 - Houston, we have a contract.

start the journey

1978 - Houston, we have a contract.

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2 August – Agip signed an international cooperation agreement in Nigeria for the purchase and sale of natural gas from the liquefaction company, Bonny Lng Ltd.

6 December - A technical collaboration agreement was signed between Eni and the NCB, National Coal Board, for the liquefaction of coal.

Eni carried out geothermic research operations in Italy, with excellent results obtained a few kilometres from the Pozzuoli sulphur mine.

Eni signed a contract with the Chinese Popular Republic to supply a natural gas treatment and compression unit.

Assoreni (association for scientific research) was set up from among companies in the Eni group, for the promotion of research in innovative sectors.

Samim, a company involved in technical-scientific research and experiments in the mining-metallurgical sector, was set up in Rome.

A contract was signed in Houston with the Petrotex Chemical Corporation (Tenneco group), for the construction in the USA of a petrochemical plant with an MTBE process – a component for non-ethylene petrol with a high octane content.

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Storia | Cane a sei zampe