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1953-1985 /1976 - Geothermic energy becomes geocentric.


1976 - Geothermic energy becomes geocentric.

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8 March – GEPI and the Sasatex Group signed a collaboration agreement to improve the Lendinara textile sector.

June – A project was launched, on behalf of the EEC, to study the polluting effects on the environment of lead.

November – The twenty-year contract between Snam and Sonatrach for importing Algerian natural gas using gas tankers was modified.

15 December – A collaboration agreement was concluded in the mining sector between Agip, Elf Aquitaine Brésil and Petrobras (Petróleo Brasileiro).

In accordance with the CIPE (interdepartmental committee for economic planning) resolution of 23 December 1975, a collaboration agreement was signed between Agip and Enel for joint research into geothermic energy.

The research project carried out on behalf of the EEC into the polluting effects on the environment of lead produced by cars entered the operational phase.

Agip began extracting uranium from the Arlit (Niger) and Bancroft (Canada) mines.

The Renée and Thelma oil deposits were discovered in the British sector of the North Sea.

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Storia | Cane a sei zampe