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1953-1985 /1971 - Methane does 9,714 km on a full tank.


1971 - Methane does 9,714 km on a full tank.

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2 February – The Tecnomare company was set up, in collaboration with private investors, to develop marine technology.

22 March – Eni, together with Iri, Imi and Efim, underwrote the share capital of Gepi, Società di Gestioni e Partecipazioni Industriali Spa.

3 May – Following a great deal of state funding and in order to guarantee stability, Eugenio Cefis was appointed Chairman of Montedison Spa.

20 May – A cooperation and technical assistance agreement was signed between SnamProgetti and the oil company Petrobras, Petróleo Brasileiro SA.

28 May – Eni set up Tecneco, an engineering company operating in the environment protection sector.

June – Somiren (radioactive mineral nuclear energy company) began searching for uranium in Australia.

16 December – A technical-scientific collaboration agreement was signed in Rome between Eni and the USSR Gas Industry Ministry.

The Italian natural gas network covered a total area of 9,714 kilometres, including 3,235 kilometres in urban areas.

Storia | Cane a sei zampe
Storia | Cane a sei zampe