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1970 - Africa, a refined country.

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11 February – An agreement was signed between Indeco (Industrial Development Corporation) of Zambia and Anic, for the construction of a refinery at Ndola.

14 May – Plans were drawn up for the construction of an oil pipeline from Iran to Turkey for transporting crude oil on behalf of a European-American-British consortium (Bechtel, Saipem, Entrepose, Thyssen and Williams Brothers) and NIOC (National Iranian Oil Company).                                                  

26 June - Agip (Bangui) Sa was set up in Bangui (Central African Republic), for the marketing and production of liquid and gas hydrocarbons.

27 June – The President of the Central African Republic, Bokassa, paid a visit to Italy, where he signed an agreement for oil exploration in his country.

29 July – An agreement was signed between Agip and the Central African Republic for the marketing of petroleum products through Agip Bangui.

27 November – A collaboration agreement was signed between Agip and the government of Uganda.

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Storia | Cane a sei zampe