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1953-1985 /1966 - And there was oil.


1966 - And there was oil.

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15 February – Saep, Société Anonyme d’Exploitation Pétrolière, was set up in Tunisia for mining research.

7 April – A commercial agreement was signed between Sitep (Société Italo-Tunisienne d'Exploitation Pétrolière) and Agip.

27 June – Agip Tanzania Ltd was set up in Dar Es Salaam for the distribution of petroleum products.

28 June – Agip España SA and Agip Uganda Ltd were set up for the distribution of petroleum products.

18 July – The Agip Ancona oil tanker arrived at Genoa from Tunisia with the first consignment of crude oil from the El Borma deposits owned by Sitep (Société italo-tunisienne d’exploitation pétrolière).

20 September – An Italian-Bulgarian agreement was signed in Rome for economic, industrial and technical cooperation.

5 October – Agip Petroleum Cowas set up in Dover (Delaware) for mining research.

19 December – Simea (South Italy atomic energy company) was merged into Snam.

Storia | Cane a sei zampe
Storia | Cane a sei zampe