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1953-1985 /1965 - A licence to investigate.


1965 - A licence to investigate.

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29 January – A convention was signed between the Tunisian state and Agip Mineraria for the concession of the "Permis du Sud" exploration permit.

16 February – Agip Erdolgewinnung was set up in Germany, for the exploration of hydrocarbons in the North Sea.

10 March – The Anic complex in Gela was inaugurated.

April – Combustibili Nucleari Spa was set up in Italy, in an agreement between the UKAEA (United Kingdom Atomic Energy Authority) and Snam, for the production and sale of fuels, uranium and uranium oxide.

1 August - Eni was granted a licence by the Danish government to carry out prospecting operations in Greenland.

26 October – An agreement was signed between Eni and SRI, Stanford Research Institute, for a research programme in the chemical sector.

29 October – Agip Exploration Ltd (UK) was set up for exploration operations in the North Sea.

10 December – Snam Progetti Spa was set up for carrying out drilling operations and auxiliary services.

14 December – An agreement was signed between the NPC (National Petrochemical Company), affiliated to NIOC, and the Allied Chemical Corporation, New York, to set up the Shahpur Chemical Company in a joint venture.

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