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1953-1985 /1964 - The hidden treasure of the desert.


1964 - The hidden treasure of the desert.

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29 January – A basic agreement was signed between Petrofina, a Belgian company, and the Phillips Petroleum Company, an American company, for the exploration and production of oil in the North Sea.

19 April – The Bahregan Oil Centre, the Sirip platform (Société Irano-Italienne des Petroles) for the exploration of oil in the Persian Gulf, was inaugurated in the presence of the President of Eni, Boldrini, and his wife.

30 July – An agreement was signed between Agip and the American Phillips Petroleum Company for the exploration of oil in the Persian Gulf.

23 September – Agip Nederland NV was set up for the exploration and development of hydrocarbons, without any geographical limitations.

19 October – A reciprocal oil cooperation agreement was signed in Lagos between the Nigerian government and Agip, represented by Naoc, the Nigerian Agip Oil Company Ltd.

26 November - The new social security fund for Agip management staff was set up.

17 December – Mineraria Somala and Coris, the Sicilian hydrocarbon exploration company, were incorporated into Agip.

Foreign operations were given a great boost with the discovery and development of the El Borma oilfield in Tunisia.

Eni signed a basic agreement to take part in the construction of the Trieste-Ingolstadt oil pipeline, in Baveria.

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Storia | Cane a sei zampe