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1953-1985 /1963 - Energy independence and autonomy.


1963 - Energy independence and autonomy.

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19 January – A convention was signed in Leopoldville between the Congolese state and Anic for the development of the oil industry.

21 February - Eni and the American company, Esso Standard, signed an agreement for the exchange of crude oil.

7 March - An agreement was signed in Rabat between the Bureau de Récherches et Participations Minières and Agip for the exploration, by Agip, of the “Hautes Plateaux” area.

3 April - Agip Cyprus Co. Ltd. was set up for the marketing and distribution of petroleum products.

22 July – An agreement was signed between Eni and Investbanka (Jugoslavenska Investiciona Banka) for the purchase and marketing of Yugoslavian products.

2 August – An agreement was signed between Eni and the Ceylon government for the construction of refinery in the country.

4 November - A contract was signed with Sojuznefteexport Moscow for the exportation of crude oil and fuel oils in exchange for petrochemical and textile products, machinery and equipment from companies in the Eni Group.

16 December – Agip Nucleare Spa was incorporated into Snam.

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