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1953-1985 /1960 – Marocco lays a stone.


1960 – Marocco lays a stone.

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8 January – Eni signed an agreement with Oleodotti Internazionali and Raffineries du Rhône for the construction of an oil pipeline from Genoa to Aigle (Switzerland).

27 April – Mattei was awarded an honorary degree in chemistry by the Camerino University.

12 May – Asap (trade union association for state-owned companies and subsidiaries in the petrochemical industry) was set up within the Group.

10 June – A convention was signed between the Tunisian state and Agip Mineraria for setting up Sitep, Société italo­tunisienne d'exploitation petrolière.

25 June – The first brick of the Mohammedia refinery, in Morocco, was laid.

4 July – An agreement was signed between Morocco and Royal Dutch Shell for the construction of a chemical complex at Safi, for the production of ammonia phosphate.

4 December - Mattei was awarded an honorary degree in hydraulic civil engineering by the University of Bari.

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Storia | Cane a sei zampe