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1953-1985 /1959 - Searching for hydrocarbons.


1959 - Searching for hydrocarbons.

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23 January - Mattei gave a speech in Gela about international oil problems.

18 February – A memorandum of understanding was signed between the Bureau d'etudes & de participations industrielles of Morocco and Agip Mineraria regarding the setting up of Samir, Société anonyme marocaine italienne de raffinage.

13-17 April - Mattei travelled to London for the fiftieth anniversary of British Petroleum.

15 May – Agip Sudan Ltd. was set up for the marketing and distribution of  petroleum products in the country.

28 June – The memorandum of understanding between EAO (Egyptian Agricultural Organisation) and Anic was extended.

13 July – The Prime Minister, Segni, visited the Agip complex at Ferrandina.

9 October – Agip Société Anonyme Casablanca was set up for the marketing and distribution of petroleum products.

19 November – An agreement was signed between the Libyan company Petroleum Commission and Cori (hydrocarbon research company).

Exploration operations began in Libya through Cori (hydrocarbon research company), which was set up on 31 July 1959.

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