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1953-1985 /1956 - Dawn brings with it "Il Giorno".


1956 - Dawn brings with it "Il Giorno".

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January – Work commenced in Ravenna on the construction of an Anic complex for the production of synthetic rubber and nitrogen fertilisers.

March - Supercortemaggiore was classified as 98/100-octane petrol.

12 April – The Prime Minister, Antonio Segni, visited Metanopoli.

21 April - Il Giorno, a daily newspaper owned by Eni and edited by Gaetano Baldacci, was launched.

27 July – A contract was signed in Brussels between the Belgian Group, Petrofina, and Saip, which was later replaced by Agip Mineraria, for the joint-management of Ieoc (International Egyptian Oil Company) and its affiliates.

3 October - Sofid, Società Finanziamento Idrocarburi Spa (hydrocarbon financing company) was set up.

19 October – A parliamentary industrial commission paid a parliamentary visit to the Cortemaggiore complex and to the company offices at San Donato.

October – Agip Mineraria purchased a stake in the Stoi petrol company, which owned a refinery in Florence.

December – Agip Nucleare and Snam Progetti were founded.

December – Anic was involved in setting up Raffineria di Roma Spa, for the construction of an oil refinery in the Rome area.

Storia | Cane a sei zampe
Storia | Cane a sei zampe